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In computers connecting of cables is one the main and maybe most important steps in the installation. A lot of measures should be put in place to make sure the connections are made correctly as poor connection will affect the overall performance of the system in a wrong way. Consequently if the connection is done in a good way, then the overall performance of the whole system is good and optimum productivity of the whole system is reached. This can only be seen when the whole process is done keenly and with the utmost care to avoid any damage or short-circuit.

To choose the most appropriate cable then it is important to understand the most commonly used cables which in this case are the twisted pair and the Ethernet. Over many years that Ethernet has been used it has evolved a lot It is a connection that is most used in our day to day life to do connections from the computer to the router. Connections to the router from the modem are and to other many computers from the router are through this regard. Because of the size of links some other formats may be used for the same. Where the router is connected via a permanently fixed panel on the wall, and the workstations are connected to that through cables. The panel on the wall is connected to the computers through cables that run through the two.

To get such connections, patch cabling is used Where the wall panel and the computers are connected sing a single cable and still the same cable is used to do the links from the modem to the router. On standard almost all connections that are made in the offices and homes are Ethernet cables. This makes the whole connection cheap because the wiring is usually solid. The RJ-45 is used as the modular connector for the Ethernet cables.
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According to the issue that is to be solved the connectors differ with the user. Depending on the how they have been constructed and configured different connectors have different speeds. At the same time the type of cable that is to be connected has to be selected wisely depending on the kind of job they are intended to do. The most used cable are the fiber optics, coaxial cable, and the twisted pair. For all the above cable types it should be noted that they all have different ways of terminating them and also the connectors used are not the same for either.
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For instance, Cat5e is replacing Cat5 in the current industry standards. With the four twisted pairs, a speed of up to 100MBPS is realized. 1000MBPS can be achieved by using all the four pairs.