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Different Ways to Secure your Point of Entry for your Homes There are different ways to protect your home from threats and protecting usually starts from the smallest things that actually contribute largely to your home security. Although security matter is somehow a big work to be done, a good way to start it is to have home installed with security systems. But put in mind that you can also all other forms of security protection to your home aside from the security system. Having a home security system is actually a guarantee that your home is protected but to protect it entirely, you will have to do more on your home. Despite the fact that you have installed an alarm system, you should first planned the security and work on it aside from the alarm you have. TAlthough the presence of home security system is a big factor to protect your home, you can still do other ways to protect the land.
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First, you need to check all the points of entry for your home. Referring to point of entry is actually the one where the people can use to come inside your home. Just like the windows and doors. Doing a regular inventory of your locks is a good step to be able to detect the damaged ones and you can also strengthen your doors and windows.
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Once you have checked your point of entries, the next thing to do is to secure them. You need to add more locks to your doors and windows. You need to remember that the locks serve as your first security towards any entry on your doors and windows. The locks are the easiest form of security to install and not even expensive. Ensure the strength of your doors. You can put more locks to your doors to do so. You can also add a dead bolt that has an extra long bolt. You also need to secure the doorframe to your wall stud by using an extra long wood screw. Screwing your doorframe with a three inch screw is in fact very effective. You may want to install a strong strike plate, too. To identify the strike plate, this is actually the metal plate you see between the door and the doorknob or deadbolts. Since the strike plate is also the weakest part of the door, you can actually add a thicker metal plate instead. If you happen to have a sliding glass door, you just have to secure a doorjamb. In order to have a force entry to the glass door, breaking it is the only option so at least you are secured that sliding the door is not an option anymore. Also, to add further security to your glass door, ensure that it has two locks, one at the top and another at the bottom. Adding a storm door to support the glass door is actually a good idea, too.