Is it Time for New Windows?

There may come a time when you need to replace the windows in your home. This is why familiarizing yourself with the signs that say it’s time to replace your windows is key. The red flags are not difficult to spot and can often be measured in your lack of comfort because ineffective windows create other problems.


Air Leakage

When it becomes difficult to keep the elements out of your home because your windows don’t close properly, it may be time for new windows. Air leakage leads to a drafty house which translates into cold rooms during the winter and hot rooms during the summer. Windows are supposed to create an effective barrier against the outside weather conditions. Unfortunately, those drafty windows will also increase your utility bill by causing your HVAC system to work harder by running for longer periods of time.

Poor Condensation Resistance

When you start to see condensation on your windows, or, your windows start to sweat, they’re trying to tell you something. This is a sign that your windows have lost the ability to resist and keep out moisture. This can lead to mold growth which is not good when it comes to the air quality in your home. Once your bay windows Louisville KY start to show signs of condensation it may be time to invest in new windows. Your windows should not create additional problems that compromise your family’s health and wellness.

Solar Heat

When your windows fail to keep heat out it can make those long summer months quite uncomfortable, not to mention the strain it may put on your cooling system. Windows should keep unwanted heat out of your home. When they consistently fail to do this it may be a strong indicator that you need to replace your windows. A window that fails to keep heat out adversely affects your air conditioning unit. It may run longer which causes it to work harder than it should. However, despite it running longer, it may still fail to adequately cool your home.

Your windows represent a very important part of your home. They let in light and air, and also have the ability to keep the elements out and directly impact the temperature and climate of your home. However, if they have stopped doing their job it can make the climate in your home unhealthy and uncomfortable. This is why it is sometimes necessary to replace windows that have stopped doing their job. Windows that are a consistent source of air leakage and can’t resist condensation may have lived past their expiration date. Air leakage is equal to a drafty home and a home that can’t be cooled and heated effectively. Additionally, windows that can’t keep heat out may cost you a heap when it comes to your utility bills. Replacing worn out windows will put money back in your pockets and keep your family warm during the winter and cool during the summer. You can’t beat that.